All About Tarot

Is Tarot Evil?

Now, I get this question a lot. So often in fact, I might just write a blog... "Tarot is Evil","Tarot is Devil Worshipping" - This is far from the truth. Tarot cards have no evil powers. In fact, a Tarot reader can use these cards and help a client receive clarity and help provide solutions in challenging areas of their lives. These cards help us connect with our soul, our divine spirit, and finally make a connection with the Divine and the Angelic. This is not only deeply spiritual but also life-changing. I must admit that every time I use my Tarot cards for others, or myself, it helps me make that spiritual connection we all seek and desire. They also do not cast spells, summon the devil or any sort of demon... Tarot Cards are simply a tool, and just like the sword, they are only as powerful (and/or evil or good) as the person who wields them. Now close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let go of this silly myth forever...

What is Tarot and How Does it Work?

The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards, each with its own imagery, symbolism and story. The 22 Major Arcana cards represent life's karmic and spiritual lessons; things that are often than not inevitable nor easily changed. The 56 Minor Arcana cards reflect the trials and tribulations that we experience on a daily basis; things which are never truly set in stone. Every lesson we meet in our lives can be found in the seventy-eight Tarot cards. And so when we consult the Tarot, we’ll get shown the exact lessons we need to learn and master to live our full divine life. It’s like holding up a mirror to yourself, and quite literally seeing/reading all yours cards, laid on the table... " Tarot isn’t just about predicting the future, It’s about changing it. " Tarot is great for predicting the future, but it's even greater with shaping it. It's a great tool for self-development, making choices, manifesting goals, planning a business, etc. Lady uses Tarot to help you discover how to make positive changes in the now so that you can manifest those goals, dreams and desires you want in the future.

Booking, Cancellation, and Refund policies - Tarot Readings

Lady Crescent - LC, Lady, She Client - you, they, your "Karen" - agressive, abusive (emotionally, verbally, physically), disrespectful, unkind, harmful, all of a,b,c,d and above. Please be sure to book a Tarot session, leaving a window of 12 hrs in advance of the time slot you wish to book in. If this is not followed, you will be reffered to read this information and be politely asked to reschedule your booking. Lady Crescent holds all rights to decline a reading/client if: a. She feels that they are too blocked to be read b. They are rude, unkind, or disrespectful c. They show malicious, abusive or harmful behaviour d. She believes they hold unwanted or extreme negative energy If Lady Crescent (LC) does choose to decline a reading, Client or session of anykind, LC will let you know and your money will be refunded to you as soon as LC is able - please allow up to 3 working days for the money to come through to your acc, starting from the day LC tells you she has put the refund through. If a Client wishes to Cancel a Tarot session with Lady Crescent (LC), they must give at least 3 days notice before doing so. If less than 3 days notice has been given, LC has the right to refuse your refund, and no money will be given back. The Client must provide a small paragraph as to why they wish to cancel, before the refund can be approved. If a Client wishes to Reschedule a Tarot session with Lady Crescent (LC), they must give at least 48hrs notice before doing so. If less than 48hrs notice has been given, LC has the right to either cancel your booking, charge for travel fees or time wasted and/or refuse to refund your money. If a Client has Rescehduled their Tarot session more than twice already, LC reserves the right to charge and/or withhold any travel fees, and the full cost of bookings leading to this situation. Refunds cannot be made, except when at least 48 hrs of notice is given for any rescheduling, or 3 days notice if you choose to cancel. You can not request a refund after recievieving your session, or any Service that has passed it's refund window. If you decide to get all "Karen" about the situation, even though everything has been clearly stated in this written Policy, I have the right to take legal action and/or send you to a debt collection agency for a minimum of $300 for stepping over my saftey and security policy lines.

Booking, Cancellation, and Refund policies - Tarot Event Hires

If a Client wishes to Cancel a Tarot Event hire with Lady Crescent, they must give at least 10 days notice before doing so. If less than 10 days notice has been given, Lady Crescent has the right to refuse to refund your money.

Aura Readings

How do the Aura Readings work?

The Aura Readings are available online only. For any and all written reports, Aura Art, and items from the Shop - please allow 3 - 5 business days for it's arrival.

What is a Yara reading?

Yara is the Aura Image and written report. This includes upto 5 pgs explaining what colours your aura shows, and what it may say about who you are, your personality or even the people and situations you attract in your life. It also includes a basic edited image of yours showing the colours I see in your aura so that you may visualise it for yourself. This report will be sent to you via email in PDF Format.

What is a Aurelia reading?

Aurelia is an Aura Digital Art Collage Piece made to show you what I see and feel from your aura through imagery. You may get this sent to you digitally or in a physical print format depending on which service you choose.

What is an Aurora reading?

Aurora is the combination of both Yara and Aurelia Services, It will come with the Digital Version of the Aura Art, in jpeg. format for best printing outcomes and in png. format for best post/upload outcomes.

The Witch Way

What is a White Witch?

A White Witch is a person who practices magic for altruistic purpose, otherwise known as a lightworker or practitioner of white magic and/or white witchcraft. The White Witch is one who uses magic for benevolent purposes or without malicious intent... It means, I walk the right hand path - the one where I only use my natural abilities to help others where I am able, to bless those who are less fortunate, to worship mother earth, my goddesses, the Angels and the Divine. One who charges under sunlight and whom dances under the moon's light, allows their hair to flow and grow freely, is passionate about the environment and the circle of life, is attracted to earthy tones, is empathic, follows the harm none rule and believes whatever you put out there comes back to you in three-fold. Usually known as the "crazy lady of the village", "the local white witch", "the town healer" , "the witch that lives down the lane", or "the mysterious and eccentric one"...